SEO Packages

by BdBlackHat

Deadly Mistake #1 – Evaluating SEO Services Solely on Cost

This is just akin to the saying…”Being Penny Wise And Pound Foolish”

A lower priced proposal does not mean it’s the most value for money. There could potentially be ‘hidden costs’ which would suck up more of your Time and Money later on.

Understand this, SEO requires a huge investment of work, time and costs for SEO providers. It’s just not viable to ditch out proposals at ridiculously low-prices. There’s only 2 explanations to this when the pricing is too low:

  • they are using some sort of cheap link building techniques for short term results. After they have delivered the results, it doesn’t matter to them anymore if your site gets penalized, or dropped off the rankings. You’ll need to re-do it all over again, that’s Time and Money.
  • there would not be any continual SEO work from them after the initial round. However, SEO is a continual effort that requires constant monitoring and work. Otherwise, your competitors will be pushing you down the rankings in no time. And yes, you’ll need to re-do it all over again, that’s Time and Money.

Deadly Mistake #2 – Expecting Instant Results

This is one of those instances whereby Faster does not equal Better.

Any link building effort should be gradual and continual. To obtain a significant amount of links in a very short span of time so that you can get ranked faster is just ridiculous, and dangerous! It could jeopardize your site’s rankings instead.

Typically, for a new site, rankings should move up gradually, and it generally takes between 2 to 6 months to obtain a Page 1 ranking. Be very very careful of those who promises Page 1 rankings in just a few weeks.

You should be patient enough to let the SEO company do their work so that you can enjoy more permanent results later on.

Deadly Mistake #3 – Expecting SEO To Be A One-Off Effort

A SEO campaign is just like a marketing campaign. It requires a continual work for the maintenance and improvement of the rankings.

To assume that once the rankings has been reached, it will be permanent is just naïve.

There are only 10 spots on the 1st Page of Google. Do you think your competitors will sit back quietly and let you enjoy all the business from your new found rankings? Think AGAIN!

The next thing you know will be that your competitors will be aiming for your position, and trying to Knock You Off your rankings on the 1st Page.

Being ranked on the 1st Page is good news, but it doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and not worry about it. You’ll need to maintain that ranking, and that requires continual work, although it’s much easier to maintain an existing ranking than to boost it up again.

Deadly Mistake #4 – Expecting Guaranteed 1st Page Rankings

No one can EVER guarantee a 1st Page ranking. If ever there was anyone claiming so, that person would already be working inside Google, not providing SEO services to you.

And this is what Google explicitly says….




While we are confident of our skills of being able to help you get ranked, the fact is no one can guarantee it.

However, what we can guarantee is our results, meaning if we ever fail to get you ranked on the 1st Page of Google within 6 months, we will refund you your investment with us, 100% of it, No Questions Asked.

Are we being crazy? As a matter of fact, no. Since you’ve made the decision to trust us with ranking your site, it’s only fair for us to refund you the monies that you’ve invested if we’ve failed to deliver what we promised you.

We “Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is”. Is your SEO Company doing that?

Deadly Mistake #5 – Paying For The Full Cost Upfront

Any reputable SEO Companies would NOT collect full payment upfront before even starting any work or delivering any results.

What’s stopping them from working on your project anymore once full payment has been made?

Be wary of such practices.

Deadly Mistake #6 – Leaving All The Keyword (KW) Selection To The SEO Company

This is insanity. No one knows your business better than you do, hence no one knows your customers better than you do.

Why is it then that you’re delegating the entire responsibility of identifying your potential customers (KW Research is just that, identifying your potential customers) to the SEO Company?

There should be a discussion between you and the SEO Company in identifying your objective as well as shortlisting the KWs to be used. Any KW selection should cover your input and feedback.

Deadly Mistake #7 – Engaging An Un-Ethical SEO Company

Is your SEO Company working in your best interest? Are they committed to you on a long-term basis?

Will they work with your competitors after they have delivered the results to you, thus could potentially be pushing you down the rankings again?

If You Are Committing 2 Or More Mistakes, It’s Time That You Consider A Change.

What if I told you that:

  • there’s a way to avoid all these mistakes?
  • there’s a reputable and experienced SEO Company that you can rely on?
  • there’s a SEO plan that will allow you to DEFER your investment throughout the entire year?
  • there’s an affordable SEO Plan to help you get ranked on the 1st Page of Google as well as maintaining the rankings for you on a continual basis?